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Our Philosophy

Mountains are climbed by single steps, one step at a time.
Speech is made by single sounds, one sound at a time.
Life is heard through your own voice, give your child their voice, and it will never be forgotten.

Finding out what works
It sounds simple, but it isn't easy.  At SVS, we are driven to help you, your child, and your family succeed. By carrying over simple therapeutic principles to the home environment, we reinforce success with daily practice.

Synthesizing a platform that inspires growth

As we capitalize on strengths, we do not ignore weakness. We gather feedback from positive learning experiences and re-apply this positivity to areas that require growth. By creating this positive feedback cycle, we harness momentum from learning and grow with the child to help them accomplish their goals.

Always Moving Forward

Buying-in on the momentum driven positive feedback cycle, we create experiences that nourish, change, and inspire forward thinking.

By making mistakes, we learn. By learning, we innovate. Through innovation, we live.

Capitalizing on Strengths

A child should never be defined by their weaknesses, or what they can't do...yet.We focus on our second core principle, find out what works. We each have different learning styles, patterns of thought, and motivators. By aligning a child's motivation with speech & language goals, we break down the therapeutic divide.

Silicon Valley Speech is now offering teletherapy services in California!

Breaking Down Walls

All too often, in this profession, others are boxed in by lack of creativity. What works for one child and their family, does not necessarily work for every child and their family. Here at SVS, we custom tailor therapeutic platforms that deliver results.

At SVS, we believe quite simply that learning leads to innovation, innovation leads to growth, and growth becomes success.

Providing a Protective and Goal-Oriented Learning Atmosphere

We want children to succeed. We know you want your children to succeed. We will work with you to help your children want to succeed and meet their goals.

Come grow with us.